Milena Tomic
Milena Tomic, bio

Artist from Serbia, born in 1984. Musician and costume designer, begun to compose contemporary classical music in 2005. ( more serious about it as part of my own multimedia projects, exibitions) and started producing it ( learning music production) in 2010.

KInda Piano Patchwork

Inspired by intimate atmosphere and warm imperfect sound of home’s upright pianos. Kinda a Piano Patchwork is more an acoustic album with modern and edgy sound processinng softened by a lot of ambience in a backgrounds. Album featuring some of my very first compositions, inspired by Italian B-movies through my last: free jazz improvisation, ambiental works. Poetic Upright and Lee ‘Scratch’ MAgic Spell are awarded compositions on ‘Donne in Musica’ competition held in Serbia, 2012.
Compossed, played, produced by Milena Tomic
Orchestration of Jaruga, by Marko Jovanovic


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